Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I cannot believe I did this!!!

Yesterday on my way home I decided to stop at the grocery store. I had put Julian in his car seat, unloaded the groceries and closed the door. Julian had the keys in his hand, he locked the car!!!! I was freaking out.... I kept asking him to push the button, he was just waving hi to me! He loves to push the alarm button but for some reason he was just not in mood, he dropped the keys, they fell on the side of his car seat. I was so SCARED, the windows were rolled up and it was a warm afternoon.
I called my brother Ernie, freaking out and he was going to come to the rescue with the spare key but he was at least 40 minutes away. I really started to panic now. I called the road side assistance and they called the police department. I am glad they came out right away. I was trying to stay calm so he wouldn't start crying but I couldn't help it. I am already an emotional wreck, than this!!! The really nice deputy called for a tow truck since he didn't want to break the window of the car. It took a while to get the car opened but it work... The alarm went off and freaked Julian out but he was OK. A little sweaty and sticky but my little guy was safe. It took about 40 minutes or so. By the time my brother was near by we were on our way home. I was so shaken up, I was still crying. How the heck did I let that happen? Oh the joys of parenting!!!!!!

This morning I had a Dr. appointment with my regular OB (Dr. JU C. Rhee) he did his regular measurements and listened for a little heartbeat. Thank God he found it fast... her rate was a 140 this morning. I was so relieved to hear everything was going well so far, hearing that little heart felt so good. I think with my last pregnancy I took those little moments for granted. I tried to get a full report from the paranatologist in regards to the last ultrasound but Dr. Rhee didn't have it yet. Once they get it they will send it my way. The results from the second half of the blood work came back and they obviously said there are no chromosome abnormalities (which I knew) but they said there found no neural tube defects which threw me for a loop because the encephalocele she has, that is neural tube defect!!! Hummm???? More things for me to try to google now.
Today is a good day.... Sami's heart is beating and I have felt her move today. Julian woke up in a really good mood and kissed his mommy good bye without crying!! Let's see what tomorrow brings!


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