Thursday, January 06, 2011

A gift of a lifetime

I have not given a proper mention to Laura Huene from String of Pearls as I should have. So I want to start off by saying thank you to her because she has been such a beautiful person to me on this crazy journey that I have been on. I seriously admire her so much and I want to be able to reach out and help others as she has done in the past and continues to do so now. Laura, if you are reading this I just want you to know how much I appreciate your support and your kind words. You are truly a remarkable woman!!!

She sent me a beautiful package (can't find the pictures of it) while I was pregnant with Sami filled with goodies that I cherish so much such as this ornament that is my favorite.

Last year for Christmas she sent me gift card so that I could a doll for Sami. Not sure why it took me so long to do it but I finally did this year and I love it.

With all that she has done for me she also allowed me and family to be part of a special project she was part of through Focus on the Family. They are providing brochures that will be distributed throughout hospitals everywhere. We were chosen to share our pictures along with other families that have lost their precious baby's. Laura of course was included, I just love her pictures. You can view the brochure here, I have to find a way to get my doctor's to have these on hand. They are so beautifully made.

I always sit here and think that I need to be doing something and of course I can't think of any one thing because there are many ways to help a bereaved parent but something like this just makes me want to really get something going. I admire so many BLM that help and do things to our precious babes that I am inspired to do something in honor of Sami. Hopefully by her next birthday I will have something going. I tell you 2011 is going to be a better year for me and my husband. I wish that for all of you too!


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

That is wonderful! Love Laura...she is amazing!

Jill said...

So sweet of Laura!! It is a blessing to have such special people in our lives.

Kara said...

The booklet is AMAZING!!! I'm so glad this booklet was created and your family was able to be a part of it. So wonderful to imagine receiving this at the time of getting the devastating news. What a help that would be to families!

Love Laura too! Such an amazing legacy she has carried on for sweet Pearl!

The Blue Sparrow said...

Beautiful ordament & doll! What a sweet woman! (((HUGS)))

butterflymom said...

The booklet is beautiful...and such a great resource. I have no questions that you will find a way to honor Sami's memory by her next birthday. What a great goal, Lisette. ((hugs and love))

Holly said...

I'm sure Laura was amazing to work with as she helped you. And the ornament is lovely!!!

I remember going to the String of Pearls website when we had just found out about Carleigh but I didn't think that they would be able to help me if they weren't local. I didn't realize that they could!! I kinda wish now I would've at least sent an email to them.

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