Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 6, 2011

Sorry I wasn't able to post anything but Friday was a busy day for us. My day started early as we had to get Julian to mom's early enough for me to give  him lots of extra hugs and kisses and it worked because he knew something was happening. He didn't cry and he held me extra tight when he hugged me. It was hard not cry in front of him. I was already nervous and anxious to get to the hospital. We arrived at 9am and I checked myself in, not how I imagined Emma's birth to be but it all worked out.
I was trying not to shake and control my emotions because the last I was there well it was a whole lot different. I was sent to room 206, how I wanted room 212 so bad. I wanted to feel her presence in there like the last time but I knew that no matter what room I would be Sami would be there with me. I was contracting on my own and I believe still at 2 cm so we just waited. We had a wonderful nurse with such a happy personality, she is what I needed at that moment. Around 1pm or nothing really changed so I was given some pill, sorry can't remember the name. It is just to help thin out the cervix if I am correct. Then we walked and walked some more. I walked passed room 212 and couldn't help but cry, it was just instant tears. I wanted to knock on the door just to peek in there but of course I didn't.
Around 4pm, I was at 3cm and pitocin was started. The contractions were getting stronger but nothing to make me feel to uncomfortable. I was still smiling and laughing wishing I could sleep but I  just can't nap for the life of me.

As you can tell it wasn't bad at this point
Around 8pm or so I noticed the contractions were slowing down and more spaced apart so I kind of started to worry. I believe at this point I was 6cm. Forgot to mention 7pm nurse shift change... I got my favorite nurses who were with me when Sami was born. I think Sami knew how well they would take care of and Emma and had it worked because what are the chances that they both would be working? AMAZING!!!
Anyhow at this point I was debating on having an epidural or not since the contractions were strong but spaced apart but I didn't want not have the option. Around 9 I started to notice a spike in the contractions and asked for the epidural. It was a quick change because I was no longer smiling by this point. Angie (nurse) said I was going to go really quick so she called in for a delivery cart and here I was thinking I still had a few hours to go! I got my epidural, then my doctor came to check me and the by 10:15 I was pushing. It was HARD, Emma was sunny side up and doing a number on my back. I had to be given an episiotomy (ouch). I felt more tugging than ever while having a child. The NICU team had to be called because Emma's heart rate kept dropping. My husband and I were terrified and I was trying to concentrate on getting her out as soon as possible. I felt like I would be pushing for hours like with Julian but thankfully although still a while at 11:35 pm Emma Elliana came into this world. Weighing 7 lbs 11 oz 19 in. NICU checked her out first and gave a clean bill of health. THANK YOU LORD. While pushing I kept asking, God, Sami and Marie to give me the strength to do so because I felt like I couldn't do it anymore.

Daddy cutting the cord

Nurse Cheryl

My glow worm

Priceless moment
I feel bad that I was in so much pain after that I didn't get to enjoy the first few hours of her arrival. It makes me feel like such a bad mom because I had been dreaming of that moment forever but again her labor was short but it was hard. Her labor took a toll on my body. I am not sure what was causing my pain, my uterus was really hard and I don't know what happened. All I know is that I was given morphine and something else, I was still screaming in pain. I didn't even do that while pushing. Once I was taken to my post partum room it was really intense and morphine was given to me again. It was bad, it wasn't until about 8am that I finally started to feel OK. I finally got to enjoy my little one and stare into her eyes (I can't keep my off of them now). Having her is such a wonderful feeling and I see Sami in her yet she has her own look which I love. It has been a roller coaster of emotions that I can't really put into words at the moment. I am blessed and I feel the love from up above. Here are more photos I wanted to share.

Julian meeting her for the first time

Matching booties like her big sister Sami and rainbow pants

Getting ready to go home

Daddy getting her all set to go with his daddy of an angel bracelet for Sami

I got my wish


Ashley D said...

Oh Lisette! How amazing! Congratulations, she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! That last picture melts my heart with happiness. SO SO SO SO happy for you!

Radiant Readhead said...

Lisette!!! i am soooo happy for you guys!! i am crying with tears of joy for the safe arrival of your precious rainbow! HUGS to all of you!! She is beautiful!

Hope's Blog said...

Lisette, I am so happy for all of you. Congratulations on the beautiful little girl. I can't imagine the emotions you were feeling as you were trying to push her out. You are an amazing mommy.

Michele said...

gorgeous! congratulations!!

Tiffany said...

oh honey, this made me cry. So sorry to hear about the rough birth... you both are ok though and thats what counts. She is just gorgeous! no really, she is stunning! I love the little rainbow you put in her bassinet!

Kara said...

Wow - Lisette!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!! So glad that she has arrived safely. And that you got to take her home. So happy for your family. The labor and postpartum pains sound awful but still so worth it I'm sure.

Sweet Sami is a very proud BIG SISTER I am sure!!
Congratulations & Big Hugs!

Trisha Larson said...

Congratulations!!!! What a miracle. I am so happy for you!


Michelle said...

So happy for you! Crying tears of joy! Enjoy your baby mamma and take it slow. HUGS!

Caroline said...

Congrats I'm so happy for you & the rest of your family !!!!! She is beautiful !!!

PB&J said...

perfection.. big tears today.. but the good kind.. So happy for you!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, Lisette. She is beautiful, just like Sami! I love the rainbows! I wish you a quick recovery so you can give that amazing little girl all your love!

*Laura Angel said...

i have chills reading this whole post! amazing! I had an episodomy as well and didnt with cara and i am 8 weeks pp and just NOW feeling better...soo all worth it :)

The Griegers said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I have chills! What a darling littler girl, so happy for you <3

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of the newest member of your family. Betting that Julian and Sami are very proud of their Mommy and their new little sister!

Can't believe you had both your nurses...goosebumps!


mrslinares said...

you have in tears, i'm so happy for you and your family. She is Beautiful!!!

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