Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's meeting...

I was so nervous going to this meeting but it wasn't so bad. I met with Dr. Rodriguez who was so nice. She wanted to know how well informed I was as to Sami's medical condition. She seemed to be relieved once she knew I was completely aware as to what was going on. She did an ultrasound per our request to see if Sami had changed her position and she did so that made us happy. She started to ask what I was expecting on the day of her birth and I let her know that we were prepared with a written birth plan. We went over it and she said in her 30 years of practice she had never seen a birth plan with that kind of detail, she was impressed. She took my plan and made copies for the other involved to see. We waited a few minutes and met with 7 other people. It was a little overwhelming to walk into that office. Everyone right away got up and introduced themselves to us. They had briefly read the plan and they too very kind and understanding of our wishes.
I had written down that in case we see her in any pain that they can administer some pain medication. The NICU doctor said in that case they would have to take her out of our room because they are not allowed to that in a regular birthing room. Dr. Rodriguez stepped in and said given our situation she will ask for an exception for us. That means someone from NICU would come to or room to do that without Sami having to leave the room, they were so understanding!!! Over all the meeting was fast because the birth plan that we took summed it up for them. One really nice thing they said is that at any point in the remainder of the pregnancy if we would like to have an ultrasound done just to give them a call and they would accommodate us as best they can.
I am glad we had this meeting after all because I really felt that they really cared about Sami and I. It was a little emotional but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was glad my honey was there next to me, I think if I would have gone alone I would have just broke down. As we walked out I really did let the tears flow, it wasn't so much of sadness either. I think it was just more of a reality check that I will not be walking out of there in a few months with my little Sami. I am at 27 weeks now and it just seems to be going by so fast. This pregnancy has not been an easy task but I do not regret deciding to walk this journey. There are some days that I am physically in so much pain but it is all worth it.


Holly said...

I am so glad that everyone was so nice and wanted to work with you to get the best care for Sami. Time does seem to go by fast when you don't necessarily want it to!!

lost--for--words said...

That's good to hear that you and the team that will be taking care of little Sami are getting plans in place for her birth. I think of you often, and wish you much strength in the coming weeks. Enjoy your little girl! If you can, I encourage you to contact an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - they are a group of professional photographers who offer their services for free to families of terminally ill babies. I love our family photo that they did with us and Freja while she was in the hospital.

Laura said...

I am so thankful your meeting went well...your time with Sami in your arms will be amazing! Thinking of you so often.

Much love,

Hope's Blog said...

I am so glad the meeting went well. It is so good to hear that everyone was so supportive of you and your plans for Sami's birth. It sounds like they were more than willing to listen to your needs and I am so proud that you were able to write them up and go over them with everyone.

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