Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thought I would share this...

A really good friend of mine sent me an email with this little story and I wanted to share with everyone. Thank you my friend, it's a beautiful story!!!

There was once an Angel named Sami and she was playing with other angels in heaven. They where playing with a ball and the ball rolled off, Sami when after the ball. The ball when through a door and that door let her to you and Larry. She is still here with you and only you are getting to hold her at this time, she can feel your love and her dads love through you. Hold on to that until God looks for his missing angel and tells Sami she has to go back to Heaven to be an Angel. She will always be with you in so many ways.


Holly said...

That is so nice! :)

Once A Mother said...

I saw that you had begun following my blog and came over to check out your site. I am sorry you are on such a heartwrenching journey, and wanted to share two bits of info for you. My cousin's daughter was born with HLHS and very small veins. She is doing well. It may be helpful for you to read her blog faith.sillica.com. Also, my neice is nearly 3 years old and also has an issue where her skull has not closed. This has improved over time. I don't claim to know what the future holds for your dear Sami, but wanted to share these two stories with you. Both of these little girls are a blessing and both are thriving. I am sending you prayers for your little Sami to have her own little miracles. God Bless.

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