Monday, October 25, 2010

Sami's celebration part two

Yesterday, we decided to go take some flowers to the babies at the baby land at the cemetery like we did after her service last year. It's bittersweet but it makes me smile. A lady was there and she came up to me and told me "I am not sure why you are doing this but I think it's a great, thank you" she had tears in her eyes. I told her it was in honor of my daughter, I guess she was there to see her parents and a brother who only lived one day. I guess I had already put some flowers at his sight by the time she got there. I think I am going to keep this tradition going.
Julian has fun doing that, he was cleaning of the plaques up too. He released his last balloon for his sister because on Saturday he wasn't ready to let go of his smiley face balloon but once we were there he wanted and let it go, he said Happy Birthday to her again and again. It broke my heart but I love that he loves her so darn much. He was hugging and kissing her so much.

Sami with the flowers for all the other angel's.
Julian giving Sami kisses

When we got there no flowers were in sight

I think we did an ok job of adding some color


Celia said...

What a beautiful thing you did by taking flowers to the other babies at the cemetary. I know you lifted up those mommies and daddies spirits who saw a flower there. If you don't mind, that sounds like something I could do here. Noah isn't buried at the cemetary but rather we chose to cremate him. However, I have longed for quite some time to just go and be with the other babies, taking Noah with me, and to sit quietly among them.

Sami's birthday was beautiful!

Bree said...

That is such a beautiful idea. I love it. xo

Hope's Blog said...

What an absolutely meaningful idea. I love it and think you are the most amazing mom, woman, and person I know.

Michele said...

That is so beautiful. So very beautiful.

Sarita Boyette said...

You did such a wonderful thing for all these angels. The baby section looked beautiful after your gift.

croleyc69 said...

So beautiful and what a great idea.


April said...

That is such a great thing that you did! You are so thoughtful!

Holly said...

I love that you took flowers and gave them to all the babies.

Mary said...

That was such a nice gesture. I am sure when the parents came by they were touched to see this.

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