Monday, October 19, 2009

Can anything else happen to me?

So again another sleepless night, thanks to me being itchy. My doctor was at the hospital so he asked me to go straight there when I called him in the morning. Great another Monday at the hospital. I started having contractions on the way over there but I figured it was because I was nervous (hospital's make me nervous) well no.... I was getting some pretty good contractions and I have started to dialate. I am only at 1cm and there is no turning back now. The day is getting closer for us. I know it could take a while but still. I am closer to the finish line than I expected. Well there at the hospital they drew some blood and gave me a shot of something or other to help with the itching. It made me feel really drunk. I was given a prescription for cholestasis medication. I figured it had to be that, the itching is not normal.

I sat there in triage and could not help but laugh... who has itchy elbows and knees? My luck I feel like this can only happen to me. With all this stuff happening it is starting to make me laugh, what else can I do right? Sami was having fun, moving away from the heart monitor. The nurse was trying to get a good steady beat but Sami had her own plans. I asked them to remove it, she was not going to cooperate and I was just getting itchier.

So I was finally released, thank God it was not an all day event there. I am starting to feel a little better but it the itchiness is still there. I hope it will go away soon so that I can get some sleep. I am so tired...


Franchesca Cox said...

Hoping the itchiness goes away so you can get some rest.


Holly said...

I was thinking that you itchiness was due to your liver since you were itchy so badly. Unfortunately not much will help with that except delivering Sami. I've heard that the itchiness can get pretty bad. I'm sorry you have to deal with that!!

Sounds like little Sami is preparing to come. Praying!!

Hope's Blog said...

There really are times when you just have to laugh about everything that is happening. I have never heard of too much fluid or all this itching that is happening to you, but I am praying you get some sleep. I am guessing you need it really bad right now.

I am also praying that you stay healthy and strong for the rest of your pregnancy. Sending you a big HUG from Ohio!

My Very Own Angel said...

Omg that is crazy I've never heard of that. See I swear I learn something new everyday. Still praying for you

April said...

I was very happy to hear that you got the fluid drained! When I read about the itching, I looked it up in a book and thought that it sounded like cholestasis, but haven't had the chance to respond to you about it. Hopefully the medication will help you feel better. I don't know what they have you on, but Benadryl might help and maybe help you sleep at night too.

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