Saturday, October 10, 2009

I did not get the fluid drained!

Well yesterday at the doctor's they were not able to drain the fluid. I am carrying over three times the normal amount! My breathing is fine so that is not a concern for them which made them decide it would be best to just make me wait. I was very sad by that because I just cannot tolerate this pain anymore however, Sami is not ready just yet so I have to give her her time. She is in position, so far down they were not able to even see her head anymore! Because I have so much fluid not much of her was even visible in the ultrasound. I did however get a good glimpse of the little foot that hurts me all day! I had to ask them "what the heck is here (top of my belly) because this hurts constantly" and sure enough her little foot... I have been having contractions more often but they are not consistent or that strong yet. The doctor was very surprised that I have not gone into labor yet. My blood pressure is normal, my feet are not swollen so in there eyes, I am fine. They understand the discomfort but they do not feel like my health is at risk.

As much as I want to hold on to her, I feel like I just cannot continue this for that much longer. It is all in God's hands but I pray everyday that it happens sooner than later at this point. Maybe my body is going through this so that I am able to be ready in some way. Right now at this point in time, I can say that I am ready. It makes me feel a little bad thinking that way but it is the truth.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for all the nice messages and for showing so much support. It really means so much to me.


Laura said...

I am so sorry you are so uncomfortable. I was the same way when I was pregnant with Pearl. I had 4xs the normal amount of fluid. I so know the pain at the top of your belly as well as the pain in your back. I am so sorry sweet Lisette.

The pain is so much and the emotional conflict is so great. You want to the pain in your body to go away, yet you know the pain in your heart will be so much more once she is here. I will be praying for peace in your heart as well as relief for your body. Even a few hours of sleep would be so nice.

You are an amazing mama....I wish I was there to just sit with you. There are no words right now. I hope your heart is strengthened breath at a time.

Sending love,

Laura said...

((HUGS)) I know how you are feeling. I wish you peace in your heart and rest for your body. Thinking of you,

Holly said...

I wish they could've drained some of that fluid for you to make you more comfortable. It's good that your BP is doing well and that your breathing is ok but the pain of having that much fluid is not pleasant. I understand you saying you are ready. You just get to that point. Continue prayers for you my friend!!

Hope's Blog said...

I am so sorry you are still in pain. The emotional pain is enough to endure and to have the physical just seems so much. I wish I were there to give you a hug...but know that I am hugging you from Ohio.

You and your family continue and will forever remain in my prayers.

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