Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dr. Visit update

So yesterday was another day at the Dr.'s.... I was so nervous but it actually turned out to be OK. I seen a new parenatal Dr (Dr. Ross) who was very sweet. She was explaining the measurements as she went through the ultrasound. Because of the hernia Sami's stomach is still a little high but her heart is actually where it should be now, so that is a good thing. She still has a heart defect but it's still unclear how severe it is at this moment. I am scheduled for an echo gram next Friday with a cardiologist so see how bad it really is. The cystic hygroma is no longer there, which made me happy. They did tell me there was a possibility for the fluid to re absorb itself and well it has. The encephalocele is still there, seems like it's pretty big because there is a pretty big sac around her little head. But through it all she is still fighting. She moves around a lot. Everyday her movements are getting stronger and stronger, I love it!!!
Dr. Ross wasn't so negative, she did tell us she has seen a baby survive surgery but she did remind me of her heart complication, that might change things in our case but still she didn't mention terminating this pregnancy or anything like that. She did give me a choice to not come back for ultrasounds because she said many parents opt for that because they just don't want to see it. Me on the other hand, if I could go weekly I would! I love to see my little girl, I see the defects but still to me she is perfect! We go back in another 4 weeks for another ultrasound.

I feel better now, I am still not getting my hopes up because there is still a long road ahead of me. At this point I am enjoying watching my belly grow and I feel so proud being pregnant. It doesn't weird me out anymore. People asking me how I am feeling does get to me sometimes because I feel like they are just feeling sorry for me. It is just what people do, I have come to understand it.


susymcalderon said...

OMG Lisette. I am out of words. I absolutely enjoyed watching the ultra sound video. It was beautiful. I was totally able to see her and her body parts. I showed Luis and he could not believe it either, he got a little emotional, especially since he has never seen anything like that before. He did say that he hopes that Sami also iherits your looks. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I read your latest blog and you are more at peace. I'm also very happy that there has been positive progress and you sound ready and prepared mentally and at heart for the road ahead. Cant wait to see how much you have grown. i know its only been a couple of days but i feel it has been an eternity.

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